Other Stuff

630m Tx LPF

High power 475kHz 7 pole elliptical LPF for 630m Tx.

630m 100W Tx

100 watt PA for digital modes on 630m.

630m 20 watt Tx

Building a simple and small 20w transmitter for 630m.

A scopematch for MF-LF

Build a scopematch for 630m and 2200m output monitoring.

630m Rx filter

Simple receiving 475kHz (630m) filter.

2200m Rx filter

Simple receiving 137kHz (2200m) filter.

2200m Tx LPF

High power 136kHz 5 pole elliptical LPF for 2200m Tx.

2200m 30 watt Tx

Building a simple and small 30w transmitter for 2200m.

MF / LF operating modes

Some operating modes on MF and LF bands.

Minikits 630m Transverter

Minikits EME223-630M transverter kit build and review.

X-Phaser for MF

Building an X-Phaser with local components for MF reception.


Web connected SDR receiver, 10kHz to 30MHz, with GPS.

630m 400W HPA

400W Linear High Power Amplifier 475kHz.

160m Mini AM Transmitter

Building a very low power a.m. transmitter.

Broadcast Band Reject Filter

BCB receive reject filter for the KiwiSDR.

630m WIA Re-broadcast

Putting out a signal on 476kHz LSB.

FST4W Beacon

Building a very low power FST4W/WSPR transmitter.

2200m 150W Transmitter

150W class E transmitter for digital modes on 137kHz.


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