Elecraft KXPD3 Paddle.

Precision Iambic Keyer Paddle for the KX3.

CW using inbuilt keyer.

The KX3 has a port on the left side panel for attaching your own morse key, which is configurable via the menu system. Of course, if you have the KXPD3 paddle, just push the little connector home on the access hole on the front of the unit and tighten the two thumbscrews and you can then elect to use this mode, too. Both options can be configured independantly from each other via the KX3's menu system.

KXPD3 top view

 The paddle sitting free - top view.

KXPD3 bottom view

 The paddle sitting free - bottom  view.

KXPD3 fitted

 KXPD3 fitted to the KX3.

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