Elecraft K3 Transceiver

K3 160 - 2 m, 100-W High Performance All-Mode Transceiver

My #1 transceiver!

Yes. I am proud to say, I do own one of these fine quality transceivers and it is fabulous! And yes! I am biased. After owning and operating one of these radios, you too, would soon agree.
The K3 is a radio with knobs and buttons. Lots of them. Don't be daunted by these. We have all owned other radios or equipment with knobs. They become second nature to use, with time. You will want to spend time with this radio and become intimate with all its nuances which make it such a pleasure to drive.
When purchasing one of these units, you have a choice of buying a pre-built transceiver with the options you want at time of ordering, or have them supplied in kit form (only assembly required). Costs are listed on the Elecraft website for either options and a swag of other options that can be installed at a later date, too! Lots of choices, mmmm...... so many.

K3 transceiver - front view

K3 transceiver - rear view

CW decoding

I ordered the KFLA-400 400Hz 8 pole filter and trialled it soon after fitment.
To try out the cw decode facility with the filter and the on-board DSP, I was lucky to enlist the help of Mike, VK5SF, who has a half watt beacon running on 6m, about 25 kms away. It was just audible with about an S5 signal on the K3. Perfect. I managed to tune it in an watched the decode on the K3's screen. Below, is a link to a video I posted on YouTube showing the full decode - without error, using the 400Hz cw filter and DSP receive filter width set to 50Hz. Apology, in advance, as the recorded audio is low, but audible. Enjoy.

Using the K3's in-built CW decoder

What next...?

Mmmm.... Now let me see which other options I still need to get?

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