Tecsun PL-365 DSP Receiver

Tecsun PL-365 FM Stereo / MW / SW SSB DSP Receiver.

What a handheld receiver!

Yes. I have one of these, too. A fantastic hand-held radio receiver. Might fit in your pocket or attach it to your belt. This radio is definitely another winner for Tecsun. There is so much packed into this little radio. Amazing!
This rig is has both AM and FM broadcast bands. It has memories for frequency storage. You can operate in VFO mode or memory mode. It can be used for monitoring short wave bands, too. Using the inbuilt VFO allows you to resolve either upper side band (USB) or lower side band (LSB) signals. It also has a received signal strength indicator (RSSI) giving realistic values in dBuV and signal to noise measurement in dB. To round up the unit, it provides a clock in the display and current temperature measurement, when the unit is in the standby mode.

PL-365 hand held portable, listening to local WIA broadcast on 630m - 476kHz LSB!

Some actual photos.

I've included some photographs of my unit that show most aspects of the PL-365.

PL-365 - Front view

 Front view showing time and  temperature.

PL-365 - Rear view

 Rear view showing belt clip.

PL-365 - Side view

 Side view showing 5V USB  charging jack.

PL-365 - Top view

 Photo shows earphone, AM antenna jack and internal antenna.  

PL-365 - Extended Antenna

 Internal antenna fully extended.

PL-365 - Fitted Antenna

 Receiving 476kHz LSB  frequency.

AM Antenna - Front

 High Sensitivity AM Antenna.  

AM Antenna - Back

 150kHz to 1710kHz frequency  range.

AM Antenna - Exploded

 Explode view of AM Antenna -  approx 324uH.

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