6m 3 element Yagi Antenna

6m (50 to 54 MHz) Yagi antenna

Yagi antenna for full 6m band.

I have always been interested in the 6m band and to have something more than a vertical to cover the full 6m band seemed rather a challenge. Along came the article by the late L.B. Cebik, W4RNL (SK) in the August 2007 edition of the QST magazine that proved to be just the shot. A 3 element Yagi with a one metre boom length, some real gain and front-to-back performance along with no additional feedline matching required. This was worth considering and so I built one.
The principal of operation of this antenna was to co-phase the driven and reflector elements with a custom-made phasing line and have a single director to complete the yagi design. One shouldn't feel daunted by home construction of this antenna, as a copy of the excellent article is located in the link section below. You may be surprised with the results.

Proof in the making ...

Sometimes, the great effort of others that go before us, give us a good foundation for us to reach similar levels of success. Just a little patience and persistence...

6m Yagi design.

 Design layout.

Modelled SWR curve.

 Plot of VSWR over frequency.

Modelled Gain and F/B.

 Plots over frequency band.

E and H plane patterns

 Free-space E-plane and H-plane  patterns.

miniVNA check ...

 Antenna mounted and swept with  miniVNA after freak rain storm.

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