2m Loop Fed Antenna (LFA)

2m (144 MHz) low noise, high performance antenna

Antennas for 2m EME.

Yes. Some of us have made and used various yagis, of one design or another and yes, we have had various outcomes from those experiences. Most times, we usually went for overall gain and reasonable front to back performance. Nothing wrong or different there. Some performed better than others. When we are looking for "low noise" antennas, we are also considering the previous characteristics, as well as side lobe loss or gain. This is especially important when we are looking for small signals coming off the moon (Earth - Moon Earth, EME).
After much discussion with fellow radio operator, Andy, we decided to build ourselves an array of high performance, low noise, loop fed antennas. Andy, being the consummate engineer and being highly proficient in electronic engineering, performed lots of analysis in NEC4 and other software, to confirm expected gain patterns and other design criterion. We just had to source the bits from local suppliers, build them, test them, install them and finally, test them on air. Wow! They do work and hear exceptionally well.

Photo finish ...

This is a great hobby, or as some have referred - a lifestyle choice! In this hobby, you can design, build and make all your own gear or any variation in-between. It gets to be quite satisfying when you can look at the fruits of one's labour, glistening in the sun!

2m 14 element ZL Special

 2m terrestrial antenna, to be  replaced.

Elevation rotator & H frame

 Elevation rotator installed along  with H frame assembly.

Basic LFAs built

 LFAs built, awaiting loop  assembly attachement.

LFA testing

 Each yagi is "swept" and loop  adjusted for best return loss.

LFAs mounted to frame

 All antennas fitted and ready for  termination to the power divider.

Up and away!!!

 4 x 2m LFAs installed and  running, Cap'n!

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